The British Culture

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People can generally identify themselves as part of a larger culture, which means that they hold many of the same values and beliefs as those around them. But they might not be aware of being part of one or more subcultures. These exist within the larger culture but are marked by differences. A subculture is a group of people who are part of a larger culture, but who separate themselves by their own unique beliefs and behaviours. In the 1950s David Riesman, a United States sociologist, distinguished between the majority that passively accepted the styles, standards and meanings given to them and a minority. This subculture sought its own meanings of things, interpreting them in what Riesman calls "subversive values." Culture sociologist Sarah Thornton believes that subcultures raise their status through their subculture so as to differentiate themselves from other groups. Ken Gelder states that subcultures are very social, sharing conventions, values and rituals with those in their subculture even if they do not share those values with the greater culture, in the following research; we will see all the different British subcultures which make the United Kingdom one of the richest cultures in the world..

The England culture:

It sometimes becomes difficult to separate the culture of England from the influences of the culture of the United Kingdom. England Culture has come along way and has developed over several millennia, to recent movements such as Brit Art and now encompasses a variety of forms which include photography, painting, sculpture and performance art. Cuisines of England also influence the England culture to a great extent. The urbanized workers of England were in many cases cut off from regional food traditions as the country was the first industrialized country of the world. More recently, a new style of cooking called Modern British has emerged that combines traditional British ingredients with foreign culinary influences. English folklore that has evolved in England over a number of centuries is yet another aspect that influences the Culture of England. England thrives with folklore in all forms such as the traditional semi-mystical Arthurian legends and semi-historical Robin Hood tales, to contemporary urban myths and facets of crypto zoology. Culture of England is lame till we include the heritage of the country as it is massively affected and influenced by it. In recent years, Stonehenge has become a focus for modern summer solstice celebrations. Though the Stonehenge pre-dates the existence of England as a nation, it is believed by many English people to hold an iconic place in the culture of England. English literature has been made rich by the famous works by the popular writer of the past like William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and many more. Just like literature, English music has been instrumental in influencing the England Culture to a large extent. Talking about food, there are few food-related taboos in England. Some of the English avoid some foods for so-called hygienic reasons, such as onions and leeks, which can cause bad breath. There are also some types of foods that are considered uncivilized. Traditionally, the people of England have never eaten horses, dogs and other carnivores or insects. Slowly, the eating of meat is looked on as uncivilized. As part of the shift away from meat toward fruit, vegetables, and fish, people have become more distanced from the production of the meat they eat and less willing to eat as wide a variety of meats.

The Scottish culture:

The Culture of Scotland will give you a glimpse of the rich historical past of the country. Scotland is a nation which is well positioned in the north-west part of Europe. Scotland also beautifully shares a border with England. It is bordered by the Irish Sea and the North Channel to the southwest, the North Sea lies to the east while the north and west part of Scotland is bordered by...
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