The British Airways (Ba) - Short Essay

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  • Published : May 13, 2012
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The British Airways (BA) introduced ‘a system for electronic clocking in that would record when they employees started and finished work for the day. This was a one-sided decision made by BA to introduce the swipe card, which affected the staff. As a result, the BA staff held a twenty-four hour wildcat strike which caused BA to cancel its services, leaving over 10,000 passengers stranded. The lack of change management is apparent and ways of avoiding a repeat of this situation are addressed. The key issues that brought on the wildcat strike were the discomfort of the employees, the imposing power of management, and the impending busy season. The workers have been scared for their jobs already with one in four jobs being cut. The imposing power of management only furthered the discomfort. Coming into the busy season was poor timing because everyone was preparing for the swipe card system, then this sudden change gave the workers instant power. What lessons emerge from each perspective and what recommendations would you draw from each in constructing advice? The lesson that I take away from the employees’ perspective is that management should consult and ease into new changes rather than force the work force into them. From the perspective of management, I understand that you just want things to be easier and more modern. Is there one or a combination of perspectives that provide the best way of understanding the swipe card issue? Combining perspectives of the employees and management will provide the best image of the whole swipe card situation. You have a work force that is already uneasy about their very own job security when management implements a change that would allow them to keep track of their employees. On the other hand, management just wanted to utilize a new technology that would allow them to manage the workers more efficiently. What broad conclusions emerge from this analysis? Better timing and methods would have easily helped to...
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