The Brilliant Crimes of Galileo

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  • Published: August 7, 2008
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The Brilliant Crimes of Galileo

Galileo Galilei, was a man truly fit to be called the father of modern science, a man who became a symbol for the war between the Catholic Church and Science. As history shows us that the Catholic Church doctrines was against Galileo’s scientific discoveries in astronomy. It was one of the most important battles between religion and science, where faith and reason clashed. The Catholic Church regretted for the crime that had been committed against Galileo after proven his discoveries as facts. But regrets won’t redeem what had been done (Axelrode, 2002). This essay will show a brief introduction of this great man. Then, it will discuss about conflict between Galileo and the church, explaining the Copernican theory, which was a heliocentric theory and also was the main issue of the conflict. After that, it will explain why Galileo had to publicly denounce his beliefs on astronomy. Then it will explain how he became the symbol of the war between science and religion. Galileo, while being a student Studied Astronomy. Astronomy was an important subject; it was one of the seven basic subjects that were required from a scholar to finish in order to become a philosopher. Further more the Vatican considered astronomy as an investigation of god’s work (Axelrode, 2002). He moved to Padua University, which was privileged by enlightened freedom, freedom to express and discuss one’s ideas and thoughts. That is because it had no control from a king or a pope. During his time in Padua he made a lot of scientific discoveries in both pure and applied science. One of his achievements was the improvement of the telescope. At that time telescopes were hard to made, rare to find and had bad quality. Galileo succeeded in making his own and improved telescope. His financial stats have raised by selling his telescope to merchants and the naval arsenal of Vennesse. It was sold to the naval arsenal so they can spot enemy ships hours before their arrival...
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