The Brighton Rock: Book Review

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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English Essay on Brighton Rock
In Brighton rock it eventually seemed that whole of society is corrupt due to many reasons Firstly, “I’m sorry Mrs Arnold. It’s just a waste of time getting fussed like this” this that due to the fact that Ida is a woman she doesn’t seem to know anything. The phrase “I’m sorry” was used to show direct sympathy for her coming to report it but deep down it doesn’t seem to bother them as he is already dead. Secondly, “this doctor he knows his stuff?” this is used to show that the doctors are corrupt. Ida uses sarcasm plus rhetorical question as she knows that the medical report isn’t true. The way “this doctor” is separated from the “he knows his stuff? Suggest to us the confusion Ida was having in her mind. In addition Ida also uses sarcasm and rhetorical question I know this because “He’s a first class doctor it seems clear, doesn’t it?” this shows that a first class doctor isn’t honest about someones death. The use of sarcasm was to make it seem as if she believes what has been written but she uses the rhetorical question although she doesn’t need to hear an answer from the police the rhetorical question is used to puzzle him out “The case is closed Mrs Arnold” this shows how poor the society was as the inspector is clearly not interested in what Ida has to say or try to prove. This shows how the society has changed now as even if a case has been closed and you provide information the police would take it to grant and investigate. “ perhaps it wasn’t suicide at all … perhaps …” the use of ellipses shows Idas thought this implies to the readers that maybe Ida is going to tell the police what happened it brings the tension into the novel as it makes you wonder. The use of repetition “ive told you Mrs Arnold, the case is closed” in my opinion I think Greene used repetition to imply to us that the inspector doesn’t care and how it’s not his problem. In addition to that I also think the repetition was used to imply to us the...
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