The Brighter Side of Learning Disabled (Ld) Children

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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By Susan Tan Aparejo
Students with Learning Disabilities are labeled, and psychologically or emotionally being humiliated. LD students are victims of numerous name calling that hampers their ego and self esteem. They are called " idiot"," "stupid", lazy", "uncooperative", "dull", "worthless", "nonsense", "abnormal"," fool", "insane", by their peers, friends, classmates, neighborhood, and even by their own parents, relatives and teachers. The struggles of LD learners inside the classroom and even in their homes and families are so unbearable to imagine with. Sometimes they masquerade themselves to hide their difficulty in understanding the lessons for the day. They try their might to show people in the school that they learn from the lessons imparted to them even in some other aspects or areas they don't learn anything. They are good actors to save their own name or reputation from blame and shame. They are clever enough to shift topics or ideas to cover their difficulties. Others are pretending to have headache specially during the lessons in Math, Science and Reading and Writing. Others disrupt classes to divert attention of teachers. Yet, deep inside, they suffer much. What is worst is when they themselves never understand their own situations and difficulty because their parents and teachers do not even know what is learning disability. However, of those piteous trails and struggles of these learners, only the half of their side is exposed to the people who expect them the most. The brighter side of these learners are their treasures to continue life for the better tomorrows. Many of these learners are honest and affectionate. They are honest to what they feel. They are true to their emotions, mood and feelings. They express concerns, love, thoughtfulness and truthfulness. Their attitudes toward life and how to deal people are gems for the family to treasure. Some of the attitudes which I admire most of my LD at risk learners are their ability to accept...
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