The Bridal Ballad Analysis

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Amber B
Mr. Browne
.Junior English
12 December 2012

“The Bridal Ballad” Poetry Connection
The poem I have chosen to analyze by Edgar Allen Poe is “The Bridal Ballad,” right from the title you can instantly assume what the poem is generally going to be about. The reason I choose this poem is because it seemed like the most easily understood on and I think I could elaborate more on it. From reading it the first time you realize that it is in written in a newly wed bride’s point of view, and it expresses many themes throughout it. Some of the themes expressed throughout the stanzas are love, loss, and marriage. Something else I noticed was that Edgar constructed his stanzas and made them rhyme to give more of an emphasis on the bride’s emotional distress.

The first line of the first stanza starts with “The ring is on my hand” so from the start you can tell she is getting married but then you can tell she may not be exactly happy when it says “satin and jewels grand are all at my command.” It seems like she may be getting married not for the right reason reason such as love, but she now will have all the jewels she could ever want or need. At the end of every stanza Poe ends it with “And I am happy now” or some rendition of that, but if you were to just read the line you would probably think she is happy, though it seems to have a sarcastic tone or it’s not really what she truly desires.

“And my lord he loves me well;” starts of the second stanza, the bride is talking about her husband to be, but what we realize is that she had a past love before. When the lord said his vows it brought her back to when her “true love” said his. “And the voice seemed his who fell In the battle down the dell,” you then realize that she lost her true love in a battle. I then realized the theme of loss, since her true beloved died she can never be truly happy with another man. It seems like the whole poem is about the bride trying to convince her self she can be happy with...
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