The Breakfast Club

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Attention getting material
Imagine yourself in close proximity with 4 strangers nothing like you. That’s what the characters’ in The Breakfast Club were faced with. Tie to audience
For this specific setting a group of 5 eclectic students are forced into serving 9 hours of Saturday detention for whatever they had done wrong. In attendance is a “princess” (Claire Standish), an “athlete” (Andrew Clark), a “brain” (Brian Johnson), a “criminal” (John Bender) and a “basket case” (Allison Reynolds). Thesis Statement

I’m sure at one point or another in life we have all been faced with a similar situation. Purpose Statement
“The Breakfast Club” provides us with many unique displays of how small groups interact in their case it’s through ,dancing, harassing each other, telling stories, they fight , smoke pot and speak on a number of topics. During this time they eventually open up to each other and reveal their inner secrets. After listening to our presentation you may see “The Breakfast Club” in a different way other than just their stereotypes portrayed in the movie but how they communicate as a group to solve problems throughout the day. During our presentation we will provide you with examples of status, rules and norms, power and cohesiveness that were illustrated in the movie.

Transition to body
First Jenifer is going to speak about status, and its effect on group dynamic. Jenifer STATUS
I am going to talk to you about the effect status has on a group dynamic. The fact is that every teen character in this movie can be related to someone we knew in high-school, perhaps even your own self. As a child of the 80's, I believe that movie is truly an honest representation of a cross-section of every high school in America. Status is a huge part of this movie. The different walks of life that these kids represent are resounding throughout the entire production. The brain… the athlete… the basketcase… the princess… and the future criminal. They all exist, to some degree or another, in the classrooms of every high school on this continent. These 5 lost characters, were members of a group…members of the “Breakfast Club”, whether they liked it or not.

The movie may have been a bit clichéd, but what film isn’t; you always like certain elements that you can relate to. We can see ourselves or parts of ourselves in one or maybe more than one of the characters in this film. No matter what little sub-culture you were in while going through the trials and tribulations of high school you could relate to it. What makes the film unique is that each character tells his or her own story with credibility. The emotion in this film is immense considering it is a teenage film - and touches on these 5 individuals who seem to be searching for some type of approval or acceptance. (Just like our-selves)

The Future Criminal, John Bender, a delinquent “bad boy”, while tough on the exterior, masks a difficult home life. His emotions sway from angry to emotional - making you feel for him when he is describing what things are like at his house.

The Athlete, Andrew is under pressure from his father to perform up to high standards, which his Dad believes will add to his own lost youth. The Brain, (or nerd if you will) Brian excels academically, but is failing shop class. And neither he nor his family can or will ever accept an F. The Princess, Claire the high school’s Prom Queen is rich and snobby, but has pressure to conform from her friends, as well as issues with her parents, such as the reference that she makes to them only using her to get back at each other. The Basketcase, Allison has few if any friends, wears all black, is a compulsive liar, acts very bizarre, and yet has similar problems at home. The question is can the emotional bonding they share in detention hold true beyond the library, and can stereotypes be broken? They are able to work through many of the stereotypes in that 9 hour day of detention, and...
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