The Breakfast Club

Topics: Need, Want, Lebanon, Tennessee Pages: 3 (1175 words) Published: December 10, 2012
“The Breakfast Club: Claire the Princess”
BY: Krizia Reyes

Many people get sucked into the role or stereotypes that others impose on them but here’s to show that some people aren’t as always who they seem to be. One of the students in the film, “The Breakfast Club” shows a perfect example of stereotypes. This girl happens to be very popular and gets almost everything she wants, she’s living on a perfect life. She’s the “Princess”, the one that always has to look her best to impress everybody and to gain all the attention from everyone. Clair is her name and you will soon see that she’s not actually the “Princess” that she appears to be in the eyes of many.

Other people see Clare as an actual princess. She gets what she wants, she wears nice things, she’s pretty, smart, rich and popular. People think that Claire has the perfect life and that she has nothing to deal with. But the truth is Claire is only doing this because she doesn’t want other people to know her secrets; she’s hiding behind an image of a Princess so nobody can ever see who she really is. Also, she thinks that if everyone just stays with their cliques everything would be fine and everyone would be happy. Claire doesn’t want to be looked down on because popularity is everything to her, that’s why she has to live up to her “role” in their school.

Claire perceives herself as always being pressured to do things she doesn’t want to do. She doesn’t always agree to what her friends want but she still goes with it because she knows that when she won’t follow what they’re doing, her friends wouldn’t accept her and her popularity-status will eventually going to be downgraded. Popularity to her is so much harder than it seems; she thinks no one can relate to how she feels and that everyone expects more of her. Claire does see herself as others see her; as a princess because she knows that she is popular and that she does get spoiled by her parents a lot. Sometimes she doesn’t see herself like how...
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