The Brave One Movie

Topics: The Brave One, English-language films, Jodie Foster Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: March 31, 2009
The movie The Brave One is powerful, strong, suspenseful, and thrilling. In the case of Erica, the line of revenge and justice is taken a close look at. Where is that line that so many speak of? When one loses a loved one, how far would you go? This is the moral issue we are faced with in this movie. When a crime is committed against you, many times human nature will cause you to seek revenge against the one that did the wrong. The severity of the revenge seeking is usually proportional to the severity of the crime. In the case of Erica Bain, played by Jodie Foster, a gang attacked her and her fiancé as they were walking in a park one evening. It is a simple case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but the outcome was far from simple. They were robbed, brutally beaten. They used fists, kicks, pipes, the floor, and the surrounding walls as weapons. They tossed the victims around like rag dolls and pulverized them. Erica miraculously survived but her fiancé David Kirmani, played by Naveen Andrews, was not as fortunate. Going from picking out wedding invitations to no longer having your future groom alive because of a stupid mugging is enough to push anyone over the edge. Erica would never be the same, and how could she? The severity of her retaliation was self-consuming and she would not stop until she confronted her attackers once more. She inevitably became an unidentified vigilante in the city of New York bringing to life her own brand of justice.
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