The Brand Equity of Apple Inc.

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  • Published : September 30, 2011
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I.Situation Analysis
A.Category/Competitor Definition
The brand equity of Apple Inc. is largely comprised of five product lines, two functional solutions, or two types of customer-based services. The industry, in which Apple competes, therefore, depends on the methodological classification of its products. The diversification of markets enhances Apple’s value chains, as a result. In a product lines based system Apple competes in five markets, including the PC industry with its Macintosh computers and Xcode software of MAC OS X, the consumer electronics industry with iPod, the electronic mp3 distribution with iTunes, the mobile market with the iPhone, and digitized medium with the AppsStore specifically designed for its products such as iPhone and iPad. This classification instrument aligns Apple with most electronic and digital products manufacturers from both domestic and globally competition. The major competitors for each industry are the direct substitutes, which include:

PCConsumer Electronicditial music distributorsSmartphone
AcerAVGCD BbabyBlackberry
SamsungSamsungThe Gene PoolSamsung
ToshibaSony EricssonTuneCore IncSony Ericsson

Second, the two functional solutions redefined Apple products into two genuses—touch screen control solution and multimedia solutions—based on their utilities. Each solution corresponds to a unique market, the screen technology and graphical design industry respectively. Touch screen tech. encompass TableTop Docking and in-Wall Docking for iPad, control App for iOS and Android, and Virtual Touch panel for Mac. The potential threat comes from high-end firms, such as Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Cypress, Screen Solutions International, Atmel and so on. Even though, Apple does not face...
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