The Brand Called You

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The Brand called you
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How does Tom Peters describe a brand?
Tom Peters describes a brand as a way to promote you. He describes a brand as methods and personal qualities that will make you stand out to employers and the professional world such as Nike stands out to athletes and the fashion world. What would you add to his definition? Include your source(s), if applicable. He proves a valid point in the fact that to stand out in today’s business world you have to have outstanding qualities and a unique way to market yourself amongst people. You have to learn how to create a distinctive role for yourself in order to be able to stand out from the rest of the people you compete with. The more unique traits you have an intelligent ways or marketing yourself and your idea, the easier it will be for you to succeed. What can you brag about? List 3 ‘braggables’ such as personality traits, skills, strengths, or accomplishments. 1. The first thing I believe I can brag about is the fact that my mother and father have blessed me with good looks. We are calling them braggables so I might as well toot my own horn a bit. I believe that having an appealing and professional look can also help you drastically in any workplace. 2. I also can brag about the fact that I have a very good work ethic when I am put to a task. I never like to leave a task undone until it is 100% complete and am a bit of a perfectionist in the areas I really care in. This will help me a lot in carrying out any ideas I have for my future as I believe I will always do what I need to do to succeed with 100% of my effort. 3. The last braggable I will bring up is my strong competitive spirit that drives me to want to succeed in any competition I’m put in. This does not only serve me well in sports but if I am to enter the professional business world and have to compete with competitors I know that my drive to win and succeed will separate me from the others.

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