The Brain Physiology of Boys vs. Girls

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The Brain Physiology of Boys vs. Girls
How is the Education of Boys Affected?

Marvin Carbajal
Thesis Prospectus
April 26, 2012

Analysis of the male and female brain physiology reveals different regions of the brain are activated during learning for males and females. In addition, children of each gender develop at different rates and in different areas. For example, females tend to develop more verbal skills at an early age, whereas males tend to develop better visual special skills. How does gender influence brain activation in learning? Are there differences in learning styles between males and females and if so, are these significant enough to make a difference in learning? Does the current educational system support one gender over the other? Does the current educational system support one learning style over the other? Is the current learning environment contributing to the decline in boy’s performance? What adjustments are needed to encourage school-age boys to excel in all areas as well as math and science? I will research the role of motivation and gender role expectations for females and how these impact learning and academic motivation and success.

Statement of Topic
In my thesis, I will examine gender bias in today’s educational system. Many experts in child development examine the gender differences and identify differences in brain activation, learning style, development, and whether the current educational system is geared more to facilitate males or females. Some researchers suggest that early educations classrooms environments are geared more to facilitate the need of girls but other suggest the opposite. Although this disadvantage may be unintentional, what are the implications of the way classrooms are currently focused? I intend on showing why this environment is affecting the performance of boys and girls in school. Typically both genders have different learning styles. Boys tend to mature slower than girls. The reason for this is simply because both genders are genetically different, and this manifests itself in their behavior and capacity to learn. Answering the question of why both genders are genetically different is essential to our community of educators and it will better prevent neglecting both their educational needs. I will look into the physiological differences between the male and the female body and why this has an effect on how they learn and act and think in the learning environment.

Rationale for the Topic
I have chosen to write about this topic because I am currently raising a son and I am concerned about his education. I became interested in the topic after we enrolled our then three-year old son in Pre-Kindergarten in our local school. Jacob was born in the month of November which made him one of the youngest children in the classroom. Jacob also had a speech “delay” and after several cognitive and physical tests, we found out he had problems with articulation of his words. After doing some research, we found that due to the physiological components of the male body this is common in boys. “high levels of pT during early development slow down the development of parts of the left hemisphere, predicting that higher pT concentrations are related to a decrease of language lateralization to the left hemisphere”. (Pfannkuche, Bouma, & Groothuis, 2009). We noticed the difference in speech between him and his sister who is three and half years older. Although we know that no two children are alike, we began to see many differences in the way our two children developed. This sparked my interest and I began to do research on the physiological differences between male and female. I began to read on the huge differences of the two sexes and learned that they differ very much in the learning styles, behaviors and thinking patterns. My desire as parent and educator, is to explore about the common pitfalls of the...
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