The Boys Are Most Influenced by Their Fathers and Girls Are Most Influenced by Their Mothers. Do You Agree or Disagree? Use Specific Reasons and Details to Support Your Opinion.

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  • Published : October 7, 2011
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Most of people spent their childhood time with their parents, and at this stage also, parents influence on children’s behavior is easily spotted. As far as I am concerned, I agree that fathers influence their boys as strong as mothers influence their girls.

Although most of the couples these days are working, but it has universally taken into account that all the major and important decisions are taken by husband and wife is busy with household related tasks. So father is considered as family motivator, so son has to trace the steps of his father, because same stages will come in front of him. Thus, the boys begin to show their admiration and gradually, be influenced by their fathers. In addition, father is the person who passed that ways which are his son is passing now. So, based on experience it is easy for father to notice son’s drawbacks and guide them.

Also, girls are vulnerable and emotional. One of the major causes of father’s lack of impact on daughters is isolation in psychology and physics. In one family, due to the hard nature of fathers, daughter finds her mother reliable to talk about love and puberty symptoms. Of course, the father holds no right and knowledge over those subtle matters. In consequence, fathers and daughter’s relationships are not as close as mothers and daughters. That’s reason why, mothers exercise more influence on their daughters.

In conclusion, base on these points, I strongly agree that children are influenced by a parent of the same gender. Parents should exert right influence over their children to educate them more effectively.
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