The Boy with the Gift

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The Kid With The Gift

Once upon a time there was a 16 year old boy named Natsu, who posed many abilities unknown to human kind. He had the ability to control anything with he’s mind as well as read thoughts. But like any other special kid he was unaware of he’s gifts. He’s mother Erza however, knew all about he’s ability but had died when Natsu was only 5 years old. Natsu had then moved in with he’s aunt and was destined to never know who he was until the day came when all was suddenly revealed. 

October 15th, 2012, in the city of Riverside a teenage mother went into a difficult labor in which her baby did not survive. The baby girl was pronounced dead shortly after being delivered. Erza, the sixteen year old mother had a hard time accepting it but eventually had to carry on with the funeral of her deceased child. At the funeral as quick as the coffin went down the most unexplainable thing happened right before the eyes of many. A baby's whimpers were heard coming from the coffin. The baby had just come back to life. That was the day that Erza realized that baby was a special miracle.

One afternoon as Natsu walked home from school he was startled as two police cars and an ambulance raced passed him in such haste. Natsu had a bad feeling that something was wrong. As he got closer to he’s house he saw a gigantic cloud of smoke overpowering the house in which he and he’s ant lived. Natsu was speechless and frightened to the point that he felt he would pass out. Waiting not a second Natsu ran as fast as he could close enough to where he could...
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