The Boy at the Window

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: May 13, 2013
ENG125: Introduction to Literature
Patricia Lake
January 13, 2013
A boy at the Window

A boy at the Window
We all have that one memory that lingers every time something does not go our way or when we are in our feelings. It could even be the memory we most want to share with people. The poem ‘A boy at the Window’ has elements that caught my attention. The Author uses imagery, tone, and theme to draw the reader in. Because it is described to be an evocative poem, this made me realize that words are powerful. “Poetry should make contact with every part of you, with the mind, with the senses, especially with the ear.” (Staff, 1999) The language and form of the poem are also what makes this poem so emotionally attached. These elements drew me into the poem entirely because the narrator took a very heartfelt, personal, experience and shared it in a form of a poem. “Words, of course, are essential in creating poetry: They convey its ideas, feelings, tone, sounds, and rhythms.” (Chapter 10, pg. 3) The content of the characters make it as if the boy and the snowman have an emotional attachment. As a parent, seeing your child cry or hurt is a devastating feeling because you are helpless to their emotion or thoughts. There was a flip in this poem that made me believe the snowman was his father, reincarnated. “Having no wish to go inside and die. Still, he is moved to see the youngster cry.” (Chapter 9, pg.3) The attachment between the boy and the snowman are one of a father, son relationship. Could there have been a misunderstanding between the boy and the snowman? It seems as if they were attached emotionally and it was hard for either to bear the thought of losing one another. As the boy stood at the window and his tears fell, the snowman felt his pain but did not want to go inside in fear that he will melt (die). Does the boy understand that if the snowman was to come inside, its chances for survival are less fortunate? In this poem, I was only concentrated...
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