The Boxer

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  • Published : September 5, 2011
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The Boxer
In 1968 Paul Simon and Bruce Woodley wrote “The Boxer”, a modern rock ballad. This narrative poetry tells the story of a young man struggling financially to make ends meet in a down economy. Like all narrative poetry, it tells a story of true life emotions that people can relate to. At the time, the economy in the United States of America was weak and thus many Americans were struggling financially. During this economic crisis, this ballad was popularized by the famous Simon and Garfunkel musical duo. While the rhythm of the poem is thought to be irregular and repetitive, the emotion it portrays is why it has become a classic ballad of its time.

The persona of “The Boxer” is something that grabbed my attention from the beginning and kept my attention throughout. The person behind the ballad is certainly a young man who is down on his luck financially. The author does a great job of portraying the raw emotions of this young man living in New York City and looking for the opportunity to find work, any type of work, so that he may become successful. He is a fighter, he is strong willed and he is determined to find a job. He knows that he could give up at any moment and go back home but he is too proud and will continue on his search for a job. The persona of the poem definitely keeps readers interested and puts readers right there next to the young man. Another aspect of this ballad that caught my attention was how detailed the author was in portraying the scenes which made it easy to visualize what was happening. I can clearly picture a young teenage boy, somewhere around eighteen years old stepping off the bus into the big lights of New York City. He is vulnerable and scared of his surroundings; not knowing what he should do. He has no home, nowhere to go but it determined to make this work. He walks down the crowded New York streets stumbling across whores on Seventh Avenue and homeless people for the first time. He has no idea where to go or what...
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