The Bourne Identity Book Review

Topics: Robert Ludlum, Matt Damon, Jason Bourne Pages: 2 (834 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Despite having seen the movie of The Bourne Identity, I could recall very little of it. Therefore reading the book made me feel a little like Jason Bourne: fragments, names, and faces coming back to me at irregular intervals, but with no context in which to place them. I’ve never been all over Europe trying to figure out who I am, but novelist Robert Ludlum, made me feel as if I was there trying to search what my real identity was. The story of a man who was shot several times and dumb in the ocean, picked up by a drunken sailor. The story is how the a man found nearly dead in the ocean, try’s to figure out what his identity, the story is told by a characters named Jason Bourne, who remembers, bits of pieces of his life because he suffers from Amnesia. A man is discovered unconscious in the sea at Île de Port Noir, a small island on the coast of France. He has no memory and no name. His face carries signs of plastic surgery, and a tiny microfilm implanted into his thigh bears a number which leads to a bank account in Zurich. At times of extreme duress and danger, he exhibits certain fighting and survival instincts, for which he has no explanation. After his recovery under the care of the alcoholic British doctor Geoffrey Washburn, he finds the bank in Switzerland, which holds four million dollars in his name, Jason Bourne. He transfers varying sums of money to different banks around the world, and the alarm bells begin to toll. He has been recognized by someone who thought he was dead, who wants him dead. News of his emergence reaches the ears of the CIA, and of a professional assassin named Carlos. Bourne finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place as he tries to understand his past, which comes back to him intermittently in flashes, remembering a place, a building, a street. In a desperate bid to escape his pursuers, he kidnaps a woman named Marie St Jacques, a Canadian financial whiz. Together they try to piece together his past,...
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