The Bottle Feeding Observation

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Through observing mom and baby's feeding interaction I learned that they used social-emotional development, language and physical motor development. Social-emotional development is skills children develop that allow them to interact with others such as playing, responding to adults and other children. It is also to express their emotions such as anger, happiness and joy. Language lets us reason, communicate, construct reality and participate and understand. We use it as a way to maintain and establish relationships, organize behavior and gain cognitive and academic skills. Physical motor development is how infants learn to move their body parts such as cephalocaudal proximodistal which is saying an infant can hold up their body before they can stand up.

While observing the mother feeding her child a bottle, I saw social-emotional development reinforced when the mother decided that she was ready to play a little game with her child. She took the bottle out of her daughter's mouth and you could tell the baby wasn't done because she reached for the bottle and followed it with her eyes the whole time. The mother started to circle it around playing like it was a game or something. The child started to cry really loudly and the mother still didn't give the bottle back to the baby. In Erikson's theory trust v. mistrust he says that when a baby cries and the mother doesn't respond to his or her needs right away, the baby knows that they can't depend on that person. The mother let her baby cry for about five to ten minutes longer and finally decided to continue feeding her baby. Attachment occurred also when the mother and child stared lovingly into each other's eyes. An infant feeding is a matter of infant-mother relationship, a putting into practice of a love relationship between two human beings (Winnicott, pg.30).

Throughout my observation, I saw language reinforced when the mother wouldn't give the baby her bottle back. The baby said “baba baba” because she...
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