The Borderlands by Gloria Anzaldua

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  • Published : July 17, 2012
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The Borderlands by Gloria Anzaldua
The text is about a woman who is a victim of her culture. A culture where a female are inferior to the superior males and limits their choices of whatever they want to be in life. This belief pushed them to the lower depths of society with no one to cling to but themselves. Men are always powerful while women are often weak and helpless. This culture press people to follow the rules the conventional way and judge and deprive people of their own freedom to choose. Racist and Deviance are problems that occur and condemned because of the society’s ways. This is why this particular girl wants to break free and do what she wants in her own free will and belief. But the problem is the society. Afraid to be unaccepted and rejected by her family and her culture, she conforms to the values of the culture and masks her dark self in the shadows. And that is her “shadow-beast.” It is her repressed self that contains her true feelings and ambitions about herself and the culture. It’s a part of her where her unacceptable beliefs are kept inside. A part of her that opposes her conscious will and strives to overcome her true self. In other words, she is doing something that pleases the society but she is lying to herself for that is not what she truly felt inside. One day, this beast will resurface within her and that is what she fears the most.
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