The Book of Job: Why the Innocent Suffers

Topics: Suffering, Book of Job, Satan Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: November 5, 2011
The Book of Job: Why the Innocent Suffers
When someone endure suffering, it is a way of proving to God that they are worthy of his promise that they will dwell with him for eternity. Suffering can be the results of different affects, whether it is due to their own sin or from others sinning. Many believed that Adam and Eve’s sin is the cause of suffering. In Job’s case, his suffering came from the hands of Satan. When answering the question of why the innocent suffer, I believe The Book of Job succeed because Job was innocent and feared God, he was a man that was faithful to his beliefs in God, and he was blameless and upright in all his actions.

To understand a fear of entity, you have to understand the power behind the force. Once understood, then you are knowledgeable of the harm that it can cause. That knowledge is the source that drives fear, which causes an automatic submission to fear. Although Job loved and cherished God, he also feared him. Job didn’t know that Satan was the culprit behind his suffering but he feared God enough not to accuse him for his afflictions. Job feared God enough not to curse or blame him. He honored God and believed that He would be delivered. Despite the many beliefs back in those days, Job chose to believe in God. Job’s faithfulness in God was beyond many measures. God trusted Job enough to remove the safe hedge and allow Satan to test his integrity and ability to trust God in the midst of his suffering. Job chose to honor God by sanctifying his children every morning with burnt offerings. Job did not sin against God and through daily sanctification and sacrifices Job expressed his belief in God. To be known as noble can be one of the attributes that one can long to uphold. Job was this man in God’s eyes. After Job found out his children were dead, due to a house collapsing on them; Job did not blame God for that mishap. Instead, Job tore his robe off, shaved his head and began to praise and worship God in the midst of his...
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