The Book 1984: A Review

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Ian Higgins
1984 Essay Prompt

The book 1984, written by George Orwell, is about English socialism, and a man named Winston Smith. Winston is considered the "last human" in Oceania, because he shows individualism amongst the rest of society that is corrupt. In part III of the book, Winston is arrested for thought crime and having sexual relations. After his arrest he was promptly taken to the Ministry of Love. It is there that he would be "re-educated". In the last stage of his re-education, he argued that if all else fails the inherent nature of the individual is strong enough to undermine a society such as that created by the Party.

I agree with his statement, because the resilience of the human spirit can overcome anything. If everyone in Oceania would ban together the Party would be undermined and Oceania would be free. The only problem is that the Proles and the Outer Party are not conscience of what they can accomplish together. There should always be hope that one day the Party will be overthrown and the people of Oceania will be free.

Winston's belief is applicable to the world we live in today, because there are many people who choose not to give up. The masses of soldiers who are out there share this belief that the human spirit is strong enough to do anything. The politicians believe in the people of this country. Although, it is only up to the people themselves to believe in their own spirit. This belief is called faith.

One example of the resilience of the human spirit is Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. The plane was high jacked by terrorists, and was going to be crashed into the White House. The people on that plane banned together, reclaimed the plane from the terrorists, and crashed in a meadow in Pennsylvania. Thanks to the passengers sacrifice on that flight, and their fighting spirit, a symbol of our nation still stands, and countless other lives had been saved. Yes, the human spirit can endure and...
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