The Boiling Point Experiment

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  • Published: February 8, 2010
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I think that in this experiment the results of the boiling point of each sample is going be slighly different from what I found on Internet. aim:
my aim is to look at what temperature and how long the following alcohol (methanol, I-butanol, Ethanol and Hexane) reach their boiling point and comparing the results that I found on internet and mine. Materials:

Alcohol: Ethanol, I-Butanol, Ethanol and Hexane
Four Test tubes (boiling tube)
Test tubes holder
Data logger
Hot plates
Bunsen burner
Beaker 500 ml
Measuring cylinder

Independent Variable: The alcohol
Controlled variable: Keep the same
Dependent Variable: The temperature

1)Prepare and clean the materials before beginning the experiment. Take four Boil tube and the data logger.

2)Take the First Test tube for the first sample, put 20 ml of Butanol on the measuring cylinder and after on the test tube to be more precise and prepare the data logger and his thermometer to mesure the temperature for the boiling point. Take the test tube with the test tubes holder for safety and Put on the Bunsen burner and wait until it start to boil and take off the tube.

3) Clean the area for safety and take the second test tube for Ethanol, put 20 ml and prepare the data logger to mesure the temperature for the boiling point. Hit it with the bunsen burner and take off the tube when it start to boil.

4)Clean again and prepare the third tube for the third sample which is hexane, put 20 ml of hexane and put the thermometer of the data logger in the test tube to mesure the temperature of the boiling point, hit it until it boils and take it off.

5)Prepare the fourth sample on the last test tube, put 20 ml of methanol, make sure to wash the test tube before hitting it. Prepare the data logger and put the thermometer inside the test tube and hit it with the bunsen burner until it reach his boiling point and take it off.

6)Repeat trials but in a different way of boiling...
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