The Boiling Point Experiment

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  • Published : February 8, 2010
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My results were surprising because I didn’t expect that much difference results from internet and mine. The results for Hexane for example was much quicker than I expected, I found that it boiling point was 60C but in my experiment it was 30 C it’s the double of what it should be. Most of the sample like methanol and ethanol was pretty clos to the result that I found on internet. The trial that I did was Butanol again with the hot plates and it took of course much longer to boil and it started to boil before 105 °C like at 103 °C and I didn’t expect that happen maybe because of the boiling water it accelerated the boiling point. I don’t consider my results as a failure because it maybe prooves that internet is not always right but I cannot as well proove that my results are clear eather. Next time to improve my experiment I would do more trials because I just did one trial which was butanol and more you repeat experiment and more you have more precise results, and I didn’t had that. Conclusion:

So the results that I got on my sample was different from the one that I found on internet. For butanol the boiling point reach 105°C instead of 117°C, Ethanol I got 77°c instead of 78.4 which is pretty close, Hexane my boiling point was 2 times less that the one on internet I got 30 °C instead 68°C and it was very surprising, and for Methanol I got 62°C instead of 64.7°C so it was close. Each sample took pretty much 1 minute to start to boil and I thought it would take much longer. So I was right that my experiment would be slighlty different from the internet except for Hexane who had a big different between the two results. References:
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