The Body Shop Marketing Report

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The Body Shop

Executive Summary

The Body Shop Company is an international and global industry that produces beauty and cosmetic products. It started in 26th March 1976 in Brighton by Anita Roddick. After more than 30 years of operations, there have been lots of changes and developments in The Body Shop Company, which includes the product category, the changes from the micro and macro environment, and how The Body Shop segments, targets, and positioned its image and product in consumer’s mind.

The micro environments that cause The Body Shop to change are its competitors such as Bath and Body Work, or Origin, and their customers. Every customer has different wants and different needs and The Body Shop are trying to provide the most satisfying products and services for those customers.

The macro environments that cause The Body Shop to change are natural environment and economic environment. Natural environment occurs when there could be shortage of raw materials and The Body Shop is trying to prevent it happening to them, and economic environment occurs when there is a change in income of The Body Shop’s customers that would make them decides to stay or to change products, which are more economical.  

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
1.1 Industry4
1.2 Company4
1.3 Product Category4
1.3.1 Type of Product4
1.3.2 Three levels of Product5
1.3.3 Packaging5
1.3.4 Branding6
1.3.5 Labeling6
2. Micro Environment6
2.1 Competitors6
2.1.1 Bath and Body Work6
2.1.2 The Face Shop6
2.2 Customers7
2.2.1 Consumer Behavior7
3. Macro Environment8
3.1 Physical/ Natural Environment8
3.2 Economic Environment8
4. Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning9
4.1 Segmenting9
4.1.1 Demographic9
4.2 Targeting9
4.3 Positioning9
4.3.1 How The Body Shop create its image using the 4P’s10 5. Recommendation10
6. List of Figures12
7. Reference List14

1.1 Industry
Cosmetic is “creams, powders etc. that you use on your face and body in order to look more attractive”(Longman Dictionary, 2005). Cosmetics had been introduced since 10,000BC, but the cosmetics industry itself had just started in the 1886 with perfume as the first product (Cosmetics Info, n.d.).

Now, there are more than 13,000 beauty and cosmetics industries all over the world with combined annual revenue of $10billion (Hoovers, n.d.). Some major cosmetics industries are Sally Beauty Supply, divisions of Limited Brands (Bath & Body Works) and L’Oreal (The Body Shop International) (Hoovers, n.d.). “The cosmetic industry is concentrated and the top 50 companies have almost 75 percent of industry revenue” (Hoovers, n.d., p.1). 1.2 Company

The first body shop store was open in 26th March 1976 in Brighton by Dame Anita Roddick and now The Body Shop is a global and international retailer, one of the world’s most ethical businesses, and since 2006, it become a part of L’Oreal group. They have more than 2,600 stores in 66 countries and sell more than 1,200 products. It has generated total sales of 775 million euros in 2010 (L’Oreal, 2011). 1.3 Product Category

1.3.1 Type of Product
The Body Shop is a shopping product as it is only available in The Body Shop’s store itself, which is located in department store, the price that is quite high as they give extra benefit by also being socially responsible, and customers compare between brands first before making final purchase. It is also a nondurable goods as it consumed fast and frequently purchased (Kotler, 1994). The Body Shop offers different kinds of beauty and cosmetics products. One type of product that The Body Shop offers is toiletries. Toiletries that are sold consist of shower gel, soaps, hand wash, and body scrub. 1.3.2 Three levels of Product Core Product
The core benefits of using The Body Shop’s toiletries are for beauty needs and those beauty needs is skin protection (Yuping & Jinger, n.d.)....
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