The Body Shop International Case Study

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  • Published : October 2, 2010
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The Body Shop International Case Study
The Creator- When one read the words The Body Shop one would think of working on cars. Not for Mrs. Anita Roddick, she thought of The Body Shop as a way to give women what they had been looking for in cosmetics. Mrs. Anita Roddick was born in England in 1942, to Italian immigrants. She was a human rights activist and an environmental campaigner; she was also the founder The Body Shop. The Body Shop was a cosmetics company that produces and sold beauty products. The Body Shop was the first company to prohibit its ingredients on animals and one of the first to encourage fair trade in other third world countries. Mrs. Anita intention of creating this company was to make money for her daughters and herself while her husband travels the world instead the company became a multi-billion company. The Body Shop had 1980 stores serving over 70 million customers all over the world by 2004. In 2006 Mrs. Anita sold her multi-billion company to L’Oreal, which caused problems. The problem came because Mrs. Anita would let her company use animals as test subjects and L’Oreal did. She was very active with charity for children and other works. Sales from The Body Shop went down south. The Beginning- Mrs. Anita had several jobs before she decided to create The Body Shop. In 1976 Mrs. Anita founded The Body Shop and it grew rapidly over the years. After being the CEO of her company in May 1998, Anita Roddick stepped down and appointed Patrick Gournay as the new CEO. Her reason for stepping down was she had gotten bored with basic retail discipline with distribution and would rather spend time with Dalai Lama. Mrs. Anita stated, “Titles are meaningless and tomorrow’s job is exactly the same as yesterday.” Patrick Gournay was an experienced international business manager and had worked 26 years with Groupe Danone, who was a multi- product food group headquarters in Paris. Patrick had worked for eight companies in five countries and had never...
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