The Body in Consumer Culture Summery

Topics: Perception, Consumerism, Culture Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Through out history the body has been a major subject of study, A. Howson view of the body in the eyes of consumers today suggests a great deal about society and where their morality and figures of importance really lye. In this essay Howson explores a major deal of aspect that deal with the perception of the body in our society today as well as past conceptions of what the body used to stand for. Howson begins the essay with the breaking down of the different aspect of what the body means, followed by how it is perceived. By breaking this analysis into the concepts of: •Consumer culture • Identity •Plastic surgery

Howard closely scrutinizes the different perceptions of what consumer culture has become according to appearance has a major influence on the way people look today. Consumer culture
Howson argues that society no longer purchases goods and services for their use to, however the emotion behind the purchase is self gratifying. In essence people are no longer going out to get the things thy want, but they are going out to get the things they desire and donʼt necessarily need. The reasons behind this change is defined simply in stages of consumer culture and its life span. The stages consist of the following: •Production of goods and services Goods and services used to be produced in such a way people knew exactly what they were going to get when they walked into the store, from color of product and variety (limited at the time) also if the shop keeper would recommend it. Consumption with in the early times was a functional purchase and not a desired one. •Advertising growth As advertising became more of an integral element of society, more and more producers of goods and advertising created perceptions that became the norm in order to create a bigger market share by telling consumers what they should look like and what they should ware in order to be a part of an ever popular culture of consumerism. •Technological advances Due to the fact that...
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