The Body Essay

Topics: Childhood, Death, The Body Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Stephen King’s The Body, is a short novella about four boy’s who embark on a journey to search for a dead body, that will determine whether or not they’re capable of losing their childhood innocence. Throughout the boys journey they come across many life threatening situations, which forces them to use survival instincts, that corresponds to their true personalities. The unique ways in which the boys handled the situations put forth in front of them, foreshadows whom they truly are as well as their individual abilities to lose their childhood innocence.

Gordie, Chris, Vern and Teddy are all lower class boys who are neglected by their families. The abuse they are forced to absorb scars them mentally. “It should have been you Gordon.” This quote symbolizes how Gordie was rejected by his family. Their rejection makes them feel unwanted, so they mutually decide to look for the body of missing Ray Brower to obtain fame and fortune. Little do these boys know that the quest they are about to embark on will determine what kind of person they truly are, which makes this quest more than just an adventure, it makes it their destinies. For example, Gordie is randomly chosen to get the group groceries. While on this task, his life was in jeopardy because he was attacked by the cashier and a crazy man with his dog. While he did all of that, his friends were sitting on their asses waiting for him. This contrasts Gordie from the other boys because it shows that Gordie is clearly capable of supporting a group, while his friends aren’t because they couldn’t be bothered contributing in any other way. Although Chris didn’t do anything to physically help the group, he helped an emotional Teddy cheer up once Milo the crazy man talked negatively about his father. Chris’s actions show that he is also useful, which dissolves Chris from the useless Teddy and Vern. This adventure will also determine what kind of people they are because it conveys who is capable of handling any...
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