The Boat

Topics: Family, Sacrifice, Suicide Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: May 14, 2011
Happiness is obviously what everyone wants but to a good father nothing thumps the further of his children; the father in Alistair Macleod’s short story “the boat” is such a father. He puts the happiness of his children over his owe marriage, ignoring the selfish expectations of the mother he teaches his kid to follow their dreams. Sacrificing unrealized aspirations and true personal happiness to fulfil his responsibility has a father and husband. He even makes the ultimate sacrifice in order for his son to follow his dream. Throughout the story the mother and the father are in conflict, even opposes, the most significant is the way they raises there kids. The mother believe her children her should be brought up the same way she was, following the same tradition he had, living a similar life she did and would not be satisfied otherwise. She sees the fathers love for literature has a huge waste of time and becomes extremely angry at her children for following in their fathers foot stapes. ““Take your nose out of that trash and come do your work,” she would say, and once I saw her slap my youngest sister so hard that the print of her hand was scarletly emblazoned upon her daughter’s cheek while the broken-spined paperback fluttered uselessly to the floor.” (403) this shows just how furious she would get. The father however does not went the traditions the mother believes for their children, inside he believes in their potential and encourages them to go out to the world and follow their dreams. “All of them liked my father very much and, after he’d brought them back from their circles in the harbour, they invited him to their rented cabins which were located high on a hill overlooking the village to which they were so alien.”() Here he shows the kids though his actions that the out siders are not to be feared. The father could just let his wife have it her way and not speak out, making it much easier on himself. But he care so much for them as to give up his owe...
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