The Bluest Eye

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  • Published : March 14, 2012
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The Bluest Eye

1. The history of the Breedloves' home is that it use to be a store. The Breedlove's lived in a store front. It is a very unattractive building within the community. "...pedestrians, who are residents of the neighborhood, simply look away when they pass it."(Morrison 33). That statement shows me that no one cared about this abandoned store. Before the store was abandoned it was a pizza parlor, a real estate office, and a gypsies base of operations. I believe that no one remembers the Breedlove's living in the store because no one ever took notice of the store also the Breedlove's were not active with in the community to be noticed by anyone. The book states that the Breedlove's did not make a wave in the mayor's office.  2.  The fact that "the furniture had aged without becoming familiar " is significant because it shows us that the family is not really a family. The family doesn't spend quality  family time together as shown in this statement. This tells me that the family doesn't really use the furniture together and that the family rearly doesn't communicate with each other unless it was necessary to. (Morrison 35). 3. The only living thing in the Breedlove's house was the coal stove.  "The only living thing" phrase means this is the only thing that the Breedlove's took care of and needed it as a necessity unlike the furniture (Morrison 35.) This shows me that the family is just living to live and don't really have anything to live for.
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