The Bluest Eye

Topics: African American, Race and Ethnicity, Toni Morrison Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Toni Morrison is among the pioneer of those contemporary black writers who have redefined African-American writing in more ways than one. Black women in America being black, female and poor have been victimized by racism, sexism, and classism, not only from the white world, but also from their own men. These women have faced the problems of race, class and gender, which have pushed them towards a margin.

The Bluest Eye and Sula by Morrison are talking about racism, classism and sexism in two communities. Both communities are talking about these themes but in a different ways. The Bluest Eye is the novel that deals with a matter of race in America, and how the pervasiveness of racism has such a corrosive effect. In this case black Americans, people who buy into a set of values that have been permeated throughout the society and many times wind up giving great value to characteristics, which they themselves do not possess, which results in self-loathing, self-contempt, and so on . Morrison wrote this story because there was a young black school mate who expressed a desire for blue eyes and Toni Morrison said that she was absolutely appalled by that. Her initial response following the appalling (feeling) was one of anger, but she later on attempted to understand what it was all about and again as I said earlier, she came to realize how racism has permeated in about every facet of our national life and culture. So much so that many African-Americans even who are less than satisfied with themselves and because of their difficulty is feeling that they are despised by others. And Toni Morrison has set for herself the task of helping people to understand the complexity of existence and also accepting themselves and not only to deliver the issue of racism to the readers. In Sula, The two main characters of this novel are Nel Wright and Sula Peace. They are both female characters and are often disadvantaged due to their gender. Nel and Sula are depicted as complete...
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