The Blue Marble

Topics: Earth, Apollo 17, Apollo program Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Personal Response

The Blue Marble is a photograph of Earth that was taken December 7th, 1972 when the Apollo 17 crew were travelling toward the moon. The title of the beautiful photograph could symbolize many things but what I understood from it is that we see ourselves living on a small planet with many different aspects but in the end were always together if we put the effort in staying together. When observing The Blue Marble, I have realized many things such as the photograph gives me a better understanding of how we only see the small picture, were all isolated by water and can't seem to get out of our shell and change the big picture for a better one and the photograph could be a symbol of a new beginning to many discoveries in our lives. I've always seen this world as a small world because everybody seemed to know the same people as me and I saw a lot of the same faces each and every day. Therefore I'd always go with the saying “it’s a small world". I never game much thought to how big this world actually is, with the news talking about the same countries and their crisis, some other countries escape your mind and make it seem like a really small world. Wherever we live or go we only ever see the small picture, the same people each day and same problems, we never go out of our shell and grasp that it’s a big world and in order to keep it stable we have to help new faces and places. After taking a closer look at the photograph, I’ve analyzed that we are all closer than we think and can definitely help each other out. The Blue Marble reveals that we're all all close but isolated by water. "All of us being together” doesn't just entails that we're close to each other but that we can all come together and help each other out to fix our problems. In the photograph water could symbolize how far one will go for the other, when a country goes out of its way to help another it is a very good sign of togetherness. There are many other things that the title could...
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