The Blossoming of Feelings

Topics: Emotion, Short story, Woman Pages: 4 (1659 words) Published: February 9, 2013
The Blossoming of Feelings
Literary Analysis 1
Midsummer was a short story written by Manuel E. Arguilla. The story only revolved around two characters, Ading and Manong. Ading was a small but beautiful and slender woman while Manong was equally gifted, he was tall and has ripped muscles. These physical attributes started their attraction toward each other. This attraction made the story more interesting. It showed how some young people act out their emotions and feelings. The story basically showed the blossoming of feelings, the feelings of Ading and Manong, which were shown in their encounters through out the story. These all started when Manong stopped to rest and saw Ading. They had a second encounter near a well,where the two of them fetch water, which made it clear that what Manong felt for Ading was what Ading felt for him too. The ending made an interesting revelation when the well was abandoned and the two of them left together.

An attraction between two people can be hot or passionate as the burning sun. The Physical attraction can lead to something more than just an attraction. The story was about physical attraction between a man and a woman. The characters of the story were Ading, a small slender woman and Manong, a tall and strong man with ripped muscles. Manong was also hospitable and helpful man in a sense, since he invited Ading to eat with him. He also helped Ading fetch water from the well. The same goes to Ading who offered shelter to the young man. The story was set in a hot summer day near a well in a rural place. I reached to a conclusion that it was set in a rural area because of how the place was described in the beginning of the story. “There was not a house in sight. Along the left side of the road ran the deep, dry gorge of a stream, the banks sparsely covered by sunburned cogon grass. In places, the rocky, waterless bed showed aridly…...
The grating of the cartwheels on the pebbles of the road and the almost soundless shuffle...
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