The Bloody Chamber Tales - Competiton Between Women

Topics: Woman, Female, Gender Pages: 3 (1350 words) Published: January 15, 2013
A main theme through a lot of the stories in The Bloody Chamber Collection by Angela Carter is competition between the sexes and how women were treated by men in her society; a theme which is still relevant today. However, a few of the stories in the collection explore how women were viewed and treated by other women in society – I believe the competition between females is more relevant to today’s society than the competition between the sexes. I am going to look at how Carter explores the female experience in society using The Company of Wolves, The Snow Child and The Werewolf. I am going to explore the fact that Carter uses these particular tales to explain that women should not be fighting with each other, but should be banding together against the common enemy; men. There are many reasons why females could be in competition with each other in today’s society – it could be because two women want the same man, it could be because some women are very wealthy and powerful with good jobs whereas some others are not, or it could be because some women are jealous because others are particularly good looking or younger than them – one woman wants what the other has. In The Snow Child, Carter explores the idea of one woman wanting what the other has – in this case, a man’s affection: She was the child of his desires and the countess hated her. Whilst logic dictates that the countess should want to be rid of the count as he does not think she is good enough for him, she only thinks how shall I be rid of her? This suggests she is thinking that if she can get rid of the girl the count believes is better than the countess then the count will once again desire her, whereas in actual fact, he would really only mourn the loss of the girl he so desired. I think that in this tale, Carter uses pathetic fallacy to symbolise how cold and unyielding the countess is: MIDWINTER – INVINCIBLE, IMMACULATE. I think that Carter is trying to make a point that only hateful people would...
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