The Bloody Chamber

Topics: Marriage, Aerosmith, Wife Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: December 11, 2012
The bloody chamber is a very interesting story to read. At the beginning of the text it seems as if the story is about a young woman who is nervous about her new adventures in becoming a young bride. She tells of how at first she feels guilty leaving her childhood and her mother, but is anticipating her new life as a marquise. When the narrator was first explaining how her husband came across it reminded me of a stern man. However the way he courted her and acted when he took her virginity gave the impression that although a little rough around the edges he was still a caring man. The story took a turn for me when the husband gave his new bride the set of keys to the castle. Although I knew she was going to eventually explore the room what was found within the chamber was shocking. When she was describing the horrors found within a few things in the story suddenly connected. The lilies that filled her bedroom as a “gift” when she first arrived now connected with the lilies found in the chamber and seemed to symbolize a funeral home. The ruby chocker that had earlier referenced a slit throat also symbolized her oncoming fate and now made sense as to why he never wanted her to remove it. Later in the story after she had told the blind man of the horror she found I was surprised to find that the Marquis had came back home. An even bigger surprise was how calm he acted when he found out his new bride had went against his wishes. Relieved at how the story ended I was glad that it ended with the rightful death to the Marquis. I also found it interesting that the narrator seemed to completely go against her old life. She married a blind man that could not subject her for her beauty. She taught piano lessons and in doing so contributed to the marriage; whereas in the previous marriage she let money lure her to her “death”. The narrator and her new husband also closed off the remnants of the torturous chamber and opened the once closed off castle to make it a school for...
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