The Blind Side

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Paradise Lost is an epic poem in the blank very by the poet John Milton. The poem is written in the omniscient third person point of view. Paradise Lost concerns the temptations that Adam and Eve encountered by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. John Milton uses the literary techniques of metaphor, characterization and symbolism to identify and reveal Satan. In this excerpt of Paradise Lost, Satan appears to be a serpent. Satan is characterized as being very persuasive. Satan pressures Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Satan often is symbolized as the temptations in life. Satan is being symbolized to that because he likes to lure people into things that are considered to be the wrong thing to do. Satan was capable of getting Eve to eat the fruit in the end, by his use of persuasion. Also the forbidden fruit can also symbolize temptations in this poem.

The use of characterization, diction, and symbolism were portrayed to reveal Eve. Milton uses diction by the line that says “Into her heart too easy entrance won.” This line determines that Eve easily fell for Satan’s tricks. Eve can be characterized as easily deceived. She was tempted by hunger. The eating of the fruit could be called the “fall from innocence”. Eve can be symbolized to mankind or human nature. Eve was faced with the pressures in life, which caused her to eat the forbidden fruit, even though she knew it was the wrong thing to do. Also the pressures that Eve compiled led her to the temptations.

The tone John Milton portrays in this excerpt of Paradise Lost is tragic. This part of the poem can be alluded to the story in the bible, Adam and Eve. The use of symbolism, diction, metaphor, and characterization helps reveal Satan and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Summary

Satan, in the form of the serpent, searches for the couple. He is delighted to find Eve alone. Coiling up, he gets her attention, and begins flattering her beauty, grace, and godliness....
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