The Blind Duck

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The Giver
Chapter 10-11 questions


1) What was different about the nameplates on the back of Jonas and Fiona’s bicycles after the ceremony of Twelves? (2 marks) After the ceremony of twelve, every child that just turned twelve has to wear a nameplate. The nameplates on the back of the bicycles change when you turn twelve because they have to state that you are citizens-in-training. 2) Explain at least 2 things that made the Giver’s home different than the other family’s homes? (2 marks) The Giver’s home has a speaker. This is used to communicate with his receptionist. If he needs anything, he has to turn the speaker on and he just has to request for something. The Giver’s home also has a lot of books in it. Most of the homes are empty, and they do not have books. 3) Why was the Giver so eager to train Jonas? (2 marks)

The giver's strength was diminishing after the last failure with Rosemary 10 years ago. He has also been the receiver for too many years and also carrying all the bad memories like warfare. It causes him a lot of pain. 4) Whose memories does the Giver hold? Explain (2 marks)

The Giver holds the community’s memories of the past. He holds all of the “bad” memories of the community. When the previous receiver failed, all of the memories that she held were released. Then the community had an outburst and they do not want that to happen again. This is why the Giver has to hold all of the memories before he transfers them to Jonas. 5) Describe how the Giver transmitted memories. (2 marks) The Giver put his hands on Jonas’s back and he thought about the memories. When he did this, Jonas would find himself in the memory. After the Giver transmitted the memories, he would only have a shred of it left. 6) Explain how Jonas experienced snow for the first time. What does this tell you about their community? (4 marks) Jonas...
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