The Black Cat

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  • Published : October 10, 2010
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1. There are three similarities between the narrators from “The Black Cat” and “The Tell Tale Heart”. One is they are both crazy, they both go insane. A second one is they both murder something or someone. And the last one is how they hide the bodies they kill. One puts the body in the floor the other puts the body in the wall. 2. A simile is a comparison using like or as to show a similarity between two similar things. 3. An example of a simile from Poe’s stories is “His eyes were like that of a vulture”. 4. A metaphor is a stronger comparison between two things without using like or as. 5. An example of a metaphor is “The Black Cat was midnight”. 6. The narrator believed he was not crazy. I think he was insane because of his actions, for example like him watching an old man sleep. 7. The narrator begins to have mood swings due to the influence of alcohol. He starts mistreating not only animals but also his wife. He eventually ends up killing his cat that he claims he adored so much. 8. Ray Bradbury wrote “The Veldt”.

9. The main theme of “The Veldt” is man versus machine, abandonment, and alienation. 10. In “The Veldt” the parents are ultimately responsible for their own death. They gave their children an open world and then tried to take it back. 11. I think the author of “Bone” was upset by the contents in the can because it was friend Barney’s bones not his ashes. 12. The raccoon was upsetting to the author in “Bone”. I think this animal was upsetting the author because he thought his friend had come back. 13. The author’s attitude toward bones was weird. He loved bones very much, talking about them in great detail. 14. The basic structure of an essay is listed below:

Introduction-Topic (Central Idea)
3-5 Sentences and 3 supporting points
Body Paragraph #1 one main point
Body Paragraph #2 second main point
Body Paragraph #3 third main point
Conclusion: As you can …., Therefore……, and Thus….
Restate your central idea and supporting points...
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