The Birds

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  • Published : March 22, 2008
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“The Birds”
Based on the events in the story, “The Birds” by Daphne du Maurier, one could infer that Nat and his family will survive. Certain qualities of Nat and his family hint their survival. Nat is very enduring, very prepared, and able to stay positive. Under stressful conditions, Nat is able to stay cool and not panic. He does not run away in the face of danger.

One aspect that hints Nat and his family’s survival is Nat's endurance. If there is no endurance in a person, then they can’t deal with crises that last a long time. Maurier writes (page 68), “How long he (Nat) fought with them (the birds) in the darkness he could not tell.” By this, the reader can see the persistence and endurance in Nat, fighting off the fierce birds. If Nat gave up, he would’ve died right then. Maurier also writes the dialogue of Nat (page 54), “We’ve got to wait and take what comes.” This shows Nat’s patience and lack of complaint. Patience is important because rescue does not always come quickly.

Nat ensures his family’s survival by preparing for the attacks. If one is prepared for an attack, they are more likely to survive. Maurier writes (page 58), “He (Nat) went upstairs and worked there the rest of the morning, boarding the windows of the bedroom, filling up the chimney bases.” This shows that Nat is very prepared and takes safety measures to protect his family and promote their safety. Another example of Nat’s preparedness is where Maurier writes, “The bodies would have to be clawed at, pecked, and dragged aside before the living birds could gain purchase on the sills and attack the panes… He (Nat) stuffed the cracked panes with the bleeding bodies of the birds.” Though stuffing the cracked panes with dead birds is an unappealing task, Nat does it in order to provide more protection for his family. All these preparations slow the birds down and keep them from breaking in the house and attacking the family. If Nat keeps on preparing for the...
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