The Biomine Throery of Depression

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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The Bioamine Theory of Depression

In this essay a review of the literature in relation to the Bioamine Hypothesis of Depression will be carried out, and an explanation made that shows that the bioamine theory is no longer thought of as being a satisfactory explanation of depression. Also in the is essay the Mental Health Nurses role will be looked at and the implications of such a biological theory has on nursing practise. If such a theory were to be true what treatment would someone with depression be involved in? Also what would a Nurses day to day tasks involve? The Bioamine Theory of Depression is caused by the deficiency of monoamine neurotransmitters and in particular noradrenaline and serotonin. It was discovered in the early 1950’s be researchers that a decrease in monoamines can cause depression and that an increase in monoamines could help to relieve depression (Depression Resource Centre, 2012) The symptoms of depression are many and can include a feeling of sadness, gloomy and low spirits can all be evident. Emotional responses can be greatly reduced and several other physical factors can show that depression may be being suffered. These include disturbed sleep patterns, loss of appetite and lack of interest or engaging in normal day to day activities that life brings. A feeling of hopelessness can also be shown in more extreme cases which, can lead to the thought of suicide and a general feeling of worthlessness. These feelings are usually accompanied with no feelings of responsibility and any caring towards friends or loved ones (Norman and Ryrie, 2009). The Monoamine Hypothesis of Depression has been supported quite considerably since it was first put forward over 30 years ago since it attempts to provide the medical world with a pathophysiologic explanation of how antidepressants work. In it’s original form though is quite clearly inadequate in that it does not provide a complete explanation for the actions of antidepressants....
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