The Biometric Attendance Recording and Payroll System

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1.1 Statement of the problem

In any company, it is very important to monitor the employee’s attendance or time for accurate payroll and discipline. Some companies and schools are using manual punch card to record the employee’s attendance while others are still using logbook. Traditionally, such information would be gathered on a site by site basis and transmitted by either manual or electronic means, to a central point where payroll would then be processed and other reports prepared. Oftentimes, the information was outdated by the time it arrived, delaying payroll preparation and requiring numerous employees to complete just that one task.

Based on observation, Universidad de Manila is currently using the punch card machine and log book for time and attendance data tracking. But these systems are inaccurate and are less secured. These also have the following time keeping problems:

1. Lost card/ logbook

- Misplacement by the time keeper.

- Pages of logbook are crumpled and torn apart.

2. Buddy punching

-Proxy attendance for others

3. Manual encoding of attendance to payroll programs and other frauds.

2. Current State of Technology

Pens and big notebook are usually used in logbook system. Employees will simply write down their names, time they log-in and signatures as their attendance. When the time of work is done or employees had to leave from their work because of an emergency, they will just write the time-out for completing their attendance for the day. While in punch card machine, the employees simply insert the time card or punch card into a slot on the Bundy clock. When the time card hit a contact at the rear of the slot of the clock, the machine could print day and time information on the card. Using this, employees can easily do the proxy attendance for others. Especially the companies where there is more over time involve, it is very critical recording the employees In and Out time accurately. Also at the end of the month the payroll officer need to calculate the daily over time day by day for all the employees. It is very time consuming and lot of manual errors may happen.

These systems used by our school and other companies affect not only the employees but also the payroll officer causing a major problem --- a major inconvenient. Thus, it makes sense to find an alternative or to invest in more current technology for tracking time and attendance functions. It is very efficient to have a finger print time recorders to track the employee’s attendance instead of having manual punch card. Just think how much simpler the lives would be with “The B.A.R.P.S”.

3. Objectives

1. General Objective

The objective of the proponents is to develop a computerized attendance system (time in/ time out) which uses fingerprint recognition technology. This system will be called as “The B.A.R.P.S.” or The Biometrics Attendance Recording and Payroll System.

2. Specific objective

1. To resolve buddy punching or proxy entry problems inherent in other traditional system.

2. To determine, without much hassle and time wastage, the attendance and time spend at work by each employee.

3. To eliminate paper cards and all cost associated with paper card.

4. To reduce time needed to verify the attendance data.

5. To eliminate mistakes in calculating work hours and other human errors.

3. Scope and Limitations

States of the art systems that track time and attendance via biometric means aren’t just about making sure that employees are where there are supposed to be when there are suppose to be. Below are the scopes of the project:

1. Ten fingers per employee can be registered.

The purpose of registering ten finger prints is,...
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