The Biggest Feature of Inertia Cone Crusher

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  • Published : July 3, 2012
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A cone crusher is generally used as a secondary crusher in a crushing circuit. Pre-crushed product (usually 3in minus depending on the cone crusher model) is fed through the top of the cone crusher and flows over the mantle. The vertical cone crusher drive shaft rotates the mantle eccentrically below the concave, or bowl liner, squeezing the product and crushing it between the mantle and concave. Cone crushers are usually run on belt drives driven by an electric motor or diesel engine. Cone crushers are used extensively throughout the aggregate and mineral processing industry. (1) Well ability of "selective crushing of bed material". Because of fully feeding, the materials will suffer crushing, cutting and fierce impulse force from all directions. In addition, impact force will generate from the materials inside, so that the grinding media wearing will be reduced greatly, which is only one nineteenth of rod ball mill. Unit crushing energy consumption of inertia cone crusher is only half of common crusher. (2) Big crushing ratio, the particle size is adjustable. Inertia cone crusher crushing force has nothing to do with material hardness and filling ratio. And the crushing force is mainly decided by static eccentricity and rotor speed. It is very convenient to reach the required crushing ratio by adjusting static eccentricity torque, rotor speed and discharging port size. Depending on requirements, we are able to effectively avoid excessive crushing, so that improve fine ore production rate and output. (3) The technical index is relatively stable, the finished product particle size is rarely related to liner wear. (4) The operation and installation is convenient. Since the machine adopts secondary vibrating, the basic vibrating is weak, operation noise is low. Besides, it doesn't need large base and anchor bolt when installation. (5) Good performance of iron. Because no rigid connection between movable cone and drive mechanism, if the material is mixed with...
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