The Biggest Cartel on Earth

Topics: George W. Bush, President of the United States, United States Pages: 9 (3993 words) Published: April 27, 2010
The Biggest Cartel on Earth
In this essay you will be informed about the way in which the world operates, and why more than ever before we are under the threat of a one world government. One in which people may become surfs in their own lands void of all human rights. Very simply put; “The ones with the gold make the rules.” America is a place where the majority of the citizens believe it’s the president who has control over the economy, and that he works for the interests of Americans. What the president really is, is a salesman for a different agenda, the agenda of his banker friends who funded his campaign and the world leaders who he represents in his policy decisions. His job is to “institute change” by selling lies and injustice to the American people, thus slowly tightening the noose on freedom. Obama operates on a psychological level. He is able to deceive Americans by using key words like “change” which he repeats over and over (Corsi, 113). It is common knowledge to psychologists that when words are repeated over and over a naïve mind believes those words. Obama also succeeds in deceiving people by using methods such as left right paradigm where he gets elected based on the notion that he will fix the mess Bush has created. That way Americans are more critical of political parties than the issues at hand (the war, the economy). Globalists are people who believe and strive to achieve a one world government. The aphrodisiac to a Globalist is not money, it is power. The most prominent globalists are the Rockefeller and Rothschild families. They are the puppet masters, and the puppet is Obama. The president takes all the heat for the decisions he makes, while the global elite go unnoticed. If we as Americans continue to buy the lies and propaganda our government sells to us and carry on our lives without asking questions, and thinking for ourselves, there is no limit in the atrocities that the global elite are capable of. You may think that this essay is a sham, a paranoid conspiracy theory. Unfortunately the majority of the atrocities I am using as examples for the future of America have already been committed to less fortunate people in recent history. The goal of this essay is not to change your opinion to complement mine; the goal of this essay is to inform you about a well guarded agenda and to allow you to make a decision for yourself. Before I discuss the issues concerning America and the threat of a one world government, I first want to talk about the difference between a conspiracy theory and a possibility. If one makes an outlandish claim with little or no solid evidence it is simply a theory, a prediction of what may happen according to that person. As soon as one acquires one bit of important evidence the theory becomes a possibility. Once one acquires many pieces of evidence that possibility becomes a strong probability, one that deserves a great deal of attention. The term “conspiracy theorist” in 2010 is a term that can automatically discredit a savvy “truth seeker” and group them in with the “y2k world is going to end” fear mongering people that Americans have seen over the years. In 1913 a group of private bankers met in private with several members of congress (a violation of the Logan Act) and bribed them into signing the Federal Reserve act of 1913. An act that that was sold to Americans as a way to stimulate the economy and make credit available was really aimed at destroying the value of currency. Sixteen years after the act was signed, in 1929 the country’s arteries clogged with the dept of thousands of people spurred on by available credit and money worth less than toilet paper (Cassel, 99). When congress passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, we gave a private bank the ability to print American currency. With that ability comes the power to create inflation, deflation, and interest rates. They rule and nobody else can audit them or challenge their judgment (Hetzel, 23). Federal...
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