The Big Sleep

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  • Published : July 18, 2010
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The Big Sleep

In the book The Big Sleep, and the film The Big Sleep, I saw many similarities and many differences. Both book and film intrigue the mind of the reader and viewer by introducing different plots and characters through out the book and film.

First I shall start off by talking about the plots and characters of the book and film. The plot and the setting at the beginning of the film pretty much started out the same as it did in the book. The only difference that I noted was that the plot in the book was very detailed, but the plot in the movie moved really fast. On film the Sternwood mansion was very clean and elaborate just as described in the book. The scenery in the green house where Marlowe and Mr. Sternwood were having their meeting about Carmen was on point , all the way down to the hot climate that was circulating through green house.

Secondly, I noticed that at the beginning of the film that the characters were introduced in the same order in the film as they were in the book. Towards the end of the film, some of the characters order of introduction was rearranged. For example, in the book Marlowe is fond of Mrs. Mars and takes a sort of liking to her. In the film Marlowe takes a liking to Vivian Sternwood and at the end of the film they winded up being together. That was a big twist that I did not expect out of the film, especially after reading the ending of the book and seeing how different it was. Thirdly, I feel that some of the characters in the film didn’t fit the descriptive profile given by Marlowe in the book. For example, in the book Eddie Mars is described as being a grey hair older gentleman. In the film, Eddie Mars was a thirty maybe forty year old man with black hair who stood tall and lean. Another example is when Marlowe described the taxi driver that he had tail Brody as being a young boy. That was the description that was given of the taxi driver in...
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