The Big Race

Topics: Twin, Wheel, Gary Numan Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Title of the Book: THE BIG RACE
Author: Francine Pascal
Setting: At Secca Lake
Characters: Mr.Wakefield- husband of Mrs. Wakefield
Mrs.Wakefield- wife of Mr.Wakefield
Steven- was the twins’ older brother
Elizabeth- Jessica’s twin sister
Jessica- Elizabeth’s twin sister
Mrs.Otis- the twins’ teacher
Ken- player of soap-box derby
Andy- player of soap-box derby
Eva- player of soap-box derby
Todd- player of soap-box derby

Character I Like Best:
The character I like best is Mrs.Wakefield because she always support her children .Sheteaches them the good things to do .She gives them a tender loving care everyday .She assure thattheir children have a good health and keep away from illness.

Conflict or Problem:
The conflict or problem in the story is to find a wheels for their soap-box derby cars.Another one is the strategy that they will use in the contest to beat the other contestants so that theywill win.

Most Interesting Part of Story:
The most interesting part of story is when the race was started.The distance betweeneach cars are too near .Ken is first while Jessica is third during the race .Todd second during therace has a problem,one of his wheel rolled off .Jessica overtake with Todd’s car .A few secondslater Jessica overtake with Ken’s car .At last Jessica won in the race.

One morning in class,the twins’ teacher ,Mrs.Otis ,made a special announcement .TheSweet Valley Elem. School has decided to sponsor a soap-box derby .It’s kind of race . Each person who enters builds his or her own car .Soap-box cars don’t have engines,though, so races arealways downhill .It was after school that day .The Wakefields were in the lumber store buyingwoods and other materials for their soap-box cars .After dinner Mr.Wakefields helped the twinsclear out a space in the garage and got out tools to start building. It was Sunday and the twins were still trying to find wheels for their cars...
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