The Big Picture Questions

Topics: Universe, Creation myth, Time Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: September 6, 2012
1)What is the difference between religiously based myths of origin and creation stories derived from scientific accounts? The difference between religiously based myths of origin and creation stories derived from scientific accounts is that religiously based myths can just be accepted and believed once heard from a person. The scientific accounts claim to be truer and make much more sense. They can be checked and cleared by anyone/anything for proof. The creation stories rely largely on fields of education, like astronomy, physics, geology, biology, etc. The religiously based myths, according to the Nahavo in the beginning, became a story of the world created by the Holy People. It was said that the first man and woman were formed from white and yellow corn ears. To the Ancient Greeks, the birth of Earth and Sky created the universe. For the biblical people and Hebrews, it was told that God created everything, including man who was placed in the Garden of Eden. Overall, many people now believe the creation stories derived from scientific accounts because they have more factual evidence.

2)How do you respond personally to modern notions of the immense size and age of the universe?

When we first hear about the size and age of the universe, we don’t realize how big and how old the universe actually is. We have been learning about the history of the universe for many years, but we can only find true facts and real artifacts dated from 10,000 B.C. and onwards. The universe is actually around 13.7 billion years old, but yet we have only learned its history from 10,000 B.C. and up. Legends and myths carry on from then to this day, but we don’t know if they are true or if they are just made up. We learn about different civilizations and see how they expand their territory. We view their paths to conquering land and discovering new places, thinking it probably took a couple of weeks to get to one place from another. But in reality, it took months, some even...
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