The Big Dream

Topics: Boy, Girl, New York City Pages: 15 (7022 words) Published: December 21, 2012
A series of interactive stories by Mark White, 2005 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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The Graveyard (“be” verbs) The Strange Old Woman (there is/there are) The Letter from a Stranger (present simple) The Attack in the Park (present perfect) The Transfer (present continuous) The Trip to New York (future “going to”) The Restaurant (“would” conditionals) Working in New York (gerunds) The Rich Stranger (one/some/almost all of them) The Bad Day (adjective plus infinitive) The Old Man (should) The New Job (comparatives) The Temple (used to)

1. THE GRAVEYARD (“be” verbs) It is a Sunday afternoon in the countryside. Is it hot? A small boy is in a rice field. He is ten years old. When is his birthday? He walks up a hill. Is it a big hill? He goes into a graveyard. Is it an old graveyard? He sees his father’s gravestone. What colour is it? He sits down in front of the gravestone. Is he sad? Suddenly the small boy hears a sound. Is it loud? The boy turns around. He sees a man. Is he tall? The man has very short hair. He has handcuffs on his wrists. The man grabs the boy. Is the boy afraid? The man turns the boy upside down. He shakes him. There is a rice ball in the boy’s pocket. Is it round or triangular? Is it very big? The rice ball falls out. The man picks up the rice ball. He eats it. Is it tasty? He eats very quickly because he is very, very hungry. The boy feels sorry for the hungry man. The man asks for food. He asks for some tools too. He wants to take the handcuffs off. The boy goes to get food. The man sleeps on the hill behind a tree near the graveyard. Is he very tired? Is he afraid of ghosts? Two hours later the boy comes back. He has some bread. Is it fresh? He also has some cooked rice. Is it hot? Is it in a bag? He has some fruit too. What kind of fruit is it? He has a bottle of sake too. Is it expensive sake? He has some tools too. What tools are they? The man is very grateful. He eats the food. He takes the handcuffs off. He runs away. Two days later the boy is in the rice fields again. Is it a warm day? The boy hears a sound. It is a police siren. A police car comes. What colour is it? Four policemen get out. Are they young or old? They run up the hill. They catch the man. They put handcuffs on him. They put him in the car. The car drives away. Is it fast? The small boy watches the car. He thinks about the man. He feels sorry for the man. The man is an escaped prisoner. The police take him back to prison. Are the police nice to him? The man is from a poor family. He lives in prison now. Where is the prison? Is it a big prison? The boy lives with his aunt and his uncle. His father is dead and his mother is dead too. Is he lonely? He lives in an old house in a village. Is it a big house? Is it a traditional Japanese farmhouse? The boy likes school. Is his school far from his house? What is the name of his favourite teacher? The boy wants to go to university. Is university expensive? The boy wants to go to university but he cannot go to university because his family is poor. Is his uncle a farmer? At night the boy thinks about his father and his mother and he thinks about school and he thinks about the escaped prisoner and he thinks about his dream. He wants to go to university. Is he happy?

2. THE STRANGE OLD WOMAN (there is/there are) A little boy lives in a small village with his aunt and his uncle. His parents are dead. How many houses are there in the village? The little boy’s family is poor. He helps his uncle in the fields. There is a beautiful little girl in the village. She is about ten years old. Is her hair long? One day the little boy sees the girl. The little boy watches her. He likes her but she does not look at him. The little boy grows up. He goes to high school and he sees the little girl every day but she does not look at him. How many...
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