The Big Brother: Impact on George Orwell

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Pedro Villa

The Big Brother

The Author introduces the book with a important aspect in the book which is “Big Brother” and this goes to show that in the book “Big Brother” is used to manipulate may people and also mentioned so many times and is always watching you so Orwell says, and he uses “Big Brother” as a metaphor that tells how in the world we are actually being watched and how it is turning into a reality and Orwell uses “Big Brother” in a sadistic way.

Big Brother is a huge impact on George Orwell because they use know how to manipulate people and people that believe in big brother are living the life of fear and take anguish to a whole new level. In the beginning of the book Winston talks about how “Big Brother” is a secret society and many people see the posters of “Big Brother” and believe that they are out there and some people see them as just a myth just to scare people. As the book goes on Winston and Julia meet and “Big Brother” calls them and makes them take an initiation that puts them to the test and the guy giving them the test asks those questions that they have to answer. Orwell explains how “Big Brother” works and he explains that it isn’t exactly a beneficial part to people that join. Orwell uses “Big Brother” as a sign that the government is keeping track of all our things and is watching our very moves.

Orville makes “Big Brother” seem like it could also be used as metaphorical but he uses clever tactics in his book to make it seem like “Big Brother” isn’t real though makes people seem like they are watching you. The “Big Brother” clan is genius in this book and we all know that in reality that we are actually being watched and so far Orwell’s prediction has been spot on for the real world. Orwell knows something that many people know. There have been videos and rumors going around that they are going to use tactics like make us human barcodes that are tattooed on us so that we never lose and so that they can...
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