The big bang theory

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  • Published: March 19, 2002
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How the universe was created

How was this universe started? People still wonder. It's not simple as we all think; it's in fact very complex. Some people believe it to be science and some people think it's god that created everything. Many of us on earth believe that its all science, meaning astronomical observation and yet there are those who truly believe that it was the power of the all mighty god that made this all happen, many went to church, and was taught that the bible says that, the biblical story was the world was created six thousand years ago in a mere six days (1, pg26-27). These two factors have been very controversial; it has been decades, even centuries that geologists and paleontologists still have debates to prove their points. Well whether it is either science or god its up to you to decide. But the one thing that a lot of people believe to be what created this universe is the big bang theory. This scientific hypotheses made by astronomers are called a cosmological model. But through the entire information gather from satellites, scientific data, telescopes, observation evidence, etc., shows that the most reasonable theory is the big bang theory.

The Big Bang was the fiery explosion that is thought to have given rise to the universe. The Big Bang theory happened approximately ten to twenty-five billion years ago, and it happened in a time period between 10^43 to 10^35, when the earth was still at its infancy state; when it was about 300,000 years old. At this age the earth was just a dense, hot fireball. Even though it has cooled down drastically, it was still as hot as the red giant star. The earth was still glowing wit hydrogen and helium, approximately 25 percent helium and 75 percent hydrogen, so a little helium goes a long way. The earth wasn't ready for human life to begin; it was still very hot by terrestrial standards (2,pg.5). The big bang was the start of time and space, and about another billion years or so the hot gases turned...
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