The Big Aspect of Small Inventions

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Gabrielle Brotzman
Argument Essay
Final Draft

The Big Aspect about Small Inventions

The topic of comparing large inventions to small inventions has not been

thoroughly discussed because of the automatic assumption that larger inventions

are more important in daily life. However, if observed correctly, it is apparent that

smaller inventions are actually more essential to everyday living whereas larger

inventions are not as fundamental. The importance of small inventions can be

grouped into 2 support points: accessibility/affordability, simplicity.

Smaller inventions are more used than larger inventions for several different

reasons. One reason is that small inventions are affordable and easily accessed.

Only 1% of the world is considered rich. Leaving 80% in poverty and 19% of the

population in between. This being said, it can be concurred that not everybody can

afford larger inventions such as televisions, computers and cars. On the other hand,

smaller inventions such as shoes, calculators and pens are affordable and easy for

the public to purchase. Affordability and accessability both represent the

importance of small inventions in daily lives of people and leads to the next

consequential point.

Everyday, smaller inventions are taken for granted. Their simplicity should

be valued. Why is it, that for Christmas, children ask for laptops and ipods instead

calculators and shoes? It is quite obvious that we do not appreciate the small things

that have a big impact. A student is more likely to use a small calculator for all four

years of high school than to carry around a laptop around school. Why? It is because

computers are bulky and complicated whereas calculators are light, simple and

straight to the point; keeping students focused on math instead of solitaire. Smaller

inventions impact students daily, but they...
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