The Bhar Tribe

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Rajbhar or Bhar is one of the oldest Tribes of india.These tribes are also one of the Denotified tribes listed in the Gazette of India. These tribe are facing a huge problem of poverty, illetracy,unemployement and descrimination from society. government is also not Intrested in the welfere if this tribe. Mr. Subhash chandra Rajbhar ,Lecturer.Jagatpur Degree College.Varanasi has Taken the burden to provied these tribes their Right & Fascilities that Govenment has provided to them. But due to lack of encouragement They never came to know about their rights.But Mr. Subhash has been trying hard to benifit Rajbhar's. If you have any querry about this.

Bhar is a word derived from tribal languages like Gondi and Munda, which means 'warrior'. The tribal society of central India used to have its own hierarchy, with clans ranging from Brahmins (priestly class), warriors to service or menial class. 'Bhar' is one such clan which had glorious history in medieval period,. As IT is evident from the origin of its name, Bhar was a warrior tribe which created its own history but slowly disappeared from pages of history. The Bhar formed small kingdoms in the Eastern UP region, until they were disposed by invading Rajput and Muslim groups in the later middle ages. The Bhar, also known as Rajbhar, Bharat and Bharpatwa, is a community of more than 1.7 million people residing mainly in Uttar Pradesh.   The name Rajbhar, according to ethnologists Russel and Hiralal (Tribes and Castes of the Central provinces of India, 1916), signifies a landowning Bhar

This social category generally known as the Denotified and Nomadic tribes of India covers a population approximately of six crores. The tribes which belong to this catogory have been branded as ‘born criminals’. The story of the denotified tribe goes back to the early years of the colonial rule. In those times, whoever opposed the British colonial expansion was perceived as a potential criminal. Particularly, if any attempts were made to oppose the government by the use of the arms, the charge of criminality was a certainty. Many of the wandering minstrels, fakirs, petty traders, rustic transporters and disbanded groups of soldiers were included by the British in their list of criminal groups. A Denotified tribE IS the tribe that has originally been listed under the Criminal Tribes Act of 1871, as Criminal Tribes and "addicted to the systematic commission of non-bailable offences." Once a tribe became "notified" as criminal, all its members were required to register with the local magistrate, failing which they would be charged with a crime under the Indian Penal Code.One such tribe is the BHAR tribe of uttar pradesh. Things changed somewhat after independence in the sense that these tribes were now “denotified”. But, the lives of the BHAR tribe remained the same. They still live in awful conditions, have no permanent house and are asked to shift according to the whims and fancies of municipal councils and governments. They still don’t have the access to education and the reservation rules do not apply to them. They are still the first to be rounded up by the police after any act of crime. Many still die in police custody every year for no fault of theirs. The BHAR tribe is found in 10 states in india. In Uttar Pradesh, where they number around 1831000, they live in the fertile eastern districts of Azamgarh,Gorakhpur, Jaunpur, Ghazipur, Gonda, Varanasi, Balia, Deoria, Faizabad, Basti, Mau and Maharajganj.  They are also found in bihar, west bengal, jharkhand, madhya pradesh, uttaranachal, chhattisgarh, andaman and nicobar islands, and in very small numbers in the states of maharashtra and orissa. POPULATION:

Uttar Pradesh (1,548,000)| Bihar (126,000)|
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